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Anchors Aweigh Checks

Anchors Aweigh - Amphibious Assault Ship ChecksAnchors Aweigh - Amphibious Assault Ship Checks
As the largest of the amphibious warships, this ship projects a powerful presence as the cornerstone of its group.

Anchors Aweigh - Carrier ChecksAnchors Aweigh - Carrier Checks
Providing forward presence during peacetime and serving as the cornerstone of forces in times of crisis, carriers support and operate aircraft that are prepared to answer threats around the globe.

Anchors Aweigh - Destroyer ChecksAnchors Aweigh - Destroyer Checks
Anchors Aweigh - Destroyer Checks

Anchors Aweigh - Frigate and Battleship ChecksAnchors Aweigh - Frigate and Battleship Checks
The frigate escorts the battleship as it heads out to sea.

Anchors Aweigh - Frigate ChecksAnchors Aweigh - Frigate Checks
Providing convoy escort, protection for underway replenishment ships and anti-submarine warfare are the main responsibilities of frigates, which are built to endure substantial damage.

Anchors Aweigh - Nuclear Cruiser ChecksAnchors Aweigh - Nuclear Cruiser Checks
A surface combatant with broad spectrum capabilities-from large missile capacity to sonar ability, the operationally flexible nuclear cruiser supports carrier battle groups.

Anchors Aweigh - Nuclear Submarine ChecksAnchors Aweigh - Nuclear Submarine Checks
Quiet, swift and independent operation is what subs are all about. A nuclear reactor propels these combat ships through the water for months at a time and an array of weapons prepares them for any necessary actions or potential threats.

Anchors Aweigh - USS Seattle AOE ChecksAnchors Aweigh - USS Seattle AOE Checks
The Navy's largest logistics ship, the USS Seattle rapidly replenishes Navy task forces with fuel, ammunition, as well as dry and refrigerated stores. As they're motto states: ''We feed the fight!''

Anchors Aweigh ChecksAnchors Aweigh Checks
Distinctive photographs capture the power of the fleet and your seafaring enthusiasm..To purchase a single scene from this series, please click here.

Anchors Aweigh Identity CardsAnchors Aweigh Identity Cards
Anchors Aweigh Identity Cards

Anchors Aweigh Return LabelsAnchors Aweigh Return Labels
Anchors Aweigh Return Labels

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